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Compass by Blackbird.AI

Check claims from social media, news articles, even videos and images. Submit any claim and get instant context from a variety of sources.

Claims & Narratives

Instantly verify claims, answer questions, and contextualize social media posts — e.g. "The earth is flat" or "The U.S. faked the moon landing".

News Articles

Paste any public URL into the Context Checker and instantly get more context surrounding the claims being mentioned.


Submit any public video URL and Compass by Blackbird.AI will automatically extract and analyze the claims being mentioned.

Get instant context around any claim

Submit a claim, article, or video

It's as easy as it sounds. Just type in a claim, paste something you read, or submit the URL of an article or video.

Compass by Blackbird.AI analyzes the content

Based on the content submitted, Compass by Blackbird.AI will identify key points of a claim and compare with a variety of reputable sources.

Instantly view the context

Responses to your claim, article, or video will provide context as well as the sources that were analyzed.

Product screenshot
KnowYourMeme | Misleading meme depicting the Eiffel Tower burning, debunked by Compass by Blackbird.AI.


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  • Compass by Blackbird.AI is a powerful AI-powered tool that helps you analyze digital content that may contain misleading or inaccurate claims. It can evaluate claims in text, images, articles, social posts, images, and videos by providing informative content from trusted sources.

  • Compass by Blackbird.AI uses generative AI to work much like an expert researcher. It starts by understanding your submitted content and identifying claims needing more context to assess integrity. It then gathers background information by searching the web for information related to your submission and current events to gather as much relevant context as possible. With this background information in place, Compass by Blackbird.AI then searches for trusted news and other sources to evaluate the claims in the content. Lastly, it gives you a report contextualizing suspicious claims and a list of reference sources that inform results.

  • Compass is currently in an early release. You can sign up for the waitlist here:

  • Use Compass by Blackbird.AI when you have doubts about the accuracy of any media or claim and want to gather more contextual information. You can type in a prompt or directly submit text-based social media posts, articles, texts, pictures, and videos (see the FAQ below for details and specifications). It's best for checking claims, not for general questions or web searches.

  • Compass by Blackbird.AI works with text, images, videos, social media posts, articles, and URLs. We plan to add more features allowing you to upload images and videos directly and check podcasts, live shows, and other media types.

  • Compass by Blackbird.AI leverages information from web search engines. It prioritizes recent sources based on their publication dates, when such data is accessible. Following this initial assessment, Compass employs Blackbird’s dynamic domain database to evaluate the quality of domains. This database is regularly updated to reflect the extent to which sources disseminate misinformation. With Blackbird’s knowledge in combating disinformation at its core, the system eliminates sources known for spreading disinformation. Compass prioritizes sources recognized as reputable news outlets, and when relevant includes content from other platforms, such as social media. In these instances, it ensures that users are cautioned about the potentially lower reliability of these sources. This approach allows Compass to maintain a balance between quality, recency, and diversity of information, emphasizing accuracy and credibility in its source selection process.

  • Currently, Compass can analyze image links, videos, and posts, including those with video and images. We are working on letting you upload images, videos, and audio directly for context checking. More options will be available soon.

  • Yes! Please generate a shareable link using the “Share” icon under the results. This link will contain your entered content and the Compass by Blackbird.AI Context Checker analysis.

  • Compass by Blackbird.AI saves previous analyses of claims for speed and efficiency. If you would like to update the analysis for a claim, press the “Refresh” button.

  • The Context Checker has “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons to indicate good and bad results. If you’d like to leave other feedback, please contact us at

  • Compass by Blackbird.AI currently supports account sign-up with email. Please use your referral code to create an account. Your “Recent Claims” will be automatically saved to your account.