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Original Claim

Narrative intelligence is an important component of cybersecurity

2 months ago

Context by Compass

The claim that narrative intelligence is an important component of cybersecurity is supported by various sources and developments in the field. Narrative intelligence refers to the ability to understand and analyze the narratives and stories that circulate within information ecosystems, which can influence perceptions and behaviors. This capability is increasingly recognized as crucial in the cybersecurity domain, especially in combating social engineering attacks and manipulation of public perception. For instance, Blackbird.AI, a Narrative & Risk Intelligence platform, focuses on identifying and measuring manipulation of social and public perception, highlighting the relevance of narrative intelligence in cybersecurity. Furthermore, the National Center for Narrative Intelligence (NCNI) hosted a summit on national security, indicating the growing acknowledgment of narrative intelligence's role in this area. An article on EdgeTheory explicitly mentions narrative intelligence as a potent defense against social engineering attacks in cybersecurity, further validating the claim. These examples demonstrate the emerging consensus on the importance of narrative intelligence within the cybersecurity ecosystem, underscoring its role in defending against narrative-based threats and social engineering tactics.