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Original Claim

New York City lacks earthquake-resistant infrastructure

2 months ago

Context by Compass

The claim that New York City lacks earthquake-resistant infrastructure is not entirely accurate. According to a New York Magazine article published three days ago, authorities in New York and New Jersey reported virtually no damage to infrastructure following a recent earthquake, indicating that at least some infrastructure is designed to withstand such events. Furthermore, a Reddit discussion from February 21, 2023, explains that newer skyscrapers in Manhattan are built to be earthquake-resistant due to newer building codes, although they are not completely earthquake-proof. This suggests that while not all buildings may be fully earthquake-proof, there is a significant effort to ensure that new constructions are resistant to earthquakes. Additionally, a New York Times article from June 30, 2002, highlights that earthquake consciousness in New York City has led to studies and plans for seismic retrofitting of key buildings, further indicating ongoing efforts to improve earthquake resistance in the city's infrastructure. Therefore, while it may be true that not all of New York City's infrastructure is fully earthquake-proof, there is evidence of significant measures being taken to enhance earthquake resistance, especially in newer constructions and through retrofitting efforts.